Kathryn Myers
The Canal
During a walk in Varanasi from a distance I spotted a large white rose floating in a narrow canal that ran along the busy road outside of my studio. Upon closer examination, rather than a rose, I discovered a large plastic bag caught by light, inflated by wind and unexpectedly beautiful.

The surprise of this discovery inspired a daily practice of walking along the canal.
In these images, the merging of foreground and background, surface and sky within the boundaries of the canal’s narrow banks or walls offered a particular opportunity for composition and imaginative projection, as well challenging my ability to straddle muddy banks or raised walls without sliding in.

I discovered striking contrasts such the elegant dome and gate of an old mansion mingling with the refuse of a rapidly developing urban thoroughfare in Canal Golden Dome and Canal Gate which in turn led to additional documentation of other often disguised remnants of mansions along this busy road. Coming out one morning near the end of my stay I found that the canal had been cleaned. Accustomed to this walking meditation on quotidian trash that so enlivened my daily walks, I still continued along. Discovering Canal Emerald Bag, I felt graced by this enticing treasure left behind.
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